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Implantech is the recognized leader in manufacturing innovative facial implants for the aesthetic and reconstructive surgical marketplace. We have a complete line of sterile solid silicone and ePTFE-coated facial implants that have been designed by respected leaders of aesthetic plastic surgery.

We offer over 150 sizes and shapes of silicone and Composite (silicone coated with ePTFE) facial implants, in stock and ready to ship. In addition to our current products, we can develop custom products to suit all your facial and soft-tissue contouring needs. We also offer 3-D Accuscan, a unique process using the patient's CT scan to develop custom, perfect implants that correct bony defects - with no guesswork.

Implantech is proud to maintain FDA, ISO-13485 and CE certifications. Compliance with these U.S. and international regulations is your assurance that every one of our implants is manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Our ongoing goal at Implantech is to continue to provide the high-quality products and service you've come to expect. We sincerely appreciate your continued support and trust.

There's no reason to operate with anyone else.

For orders or inquiries, please contact our friendly customer service specialists at 800.733.0833.