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ASSI offers the finest and most unique Plastic Surgery Instrumentation, a complete range of Breast Retractors with Fiber Optic, Suction with or without teeth, the Stanger -C Circular Breast Retractor, Double Handle Breast Retractors, "Cookie Cutters", Breast Dissectors, Breast Reduction Compression Device, Face Lift Retractors with Fiber Optic and Suction, the ASSI Cambell Lip Augmentation Awl, the New Perma Facial Implant Tunneler Passers and Forceps, our StaySharp SuperCut Scissors in both Regular and Ceramic Coated Models, StaySharp SuperCut Facelift Scissors, ASSI Matarasso Lipo Roller, Microdissection Needles, ASSI Bipolar Scissors, also the ASSI Micro Monopolar Forceps for Breast Augmentation, the Lalonde Skin Hook forceps for Blepharoplasty as well at the New Lalonde Breast Sizers, Rakes, Instrumentation for the Plastic Surgery and the Finest Hand-Crafted Microsurgical Instrumentation and Clamps. These are just a few of the Specialty Plastic Surgery Instrumentation available from ASSI.